Prince Felipe’s Airbus suffers yet another breakdown

Prince Felipe is first in the succession line  | EFE
Prince Felipe is first in the succession line | EFE
A technical failure forced Prince Felipe’s official plane to land in Santo Domingo, where it had stop over before settingoof bound for Honduras, its destination. The Airbus has suffered broken down twice in less than two months.
By Staff Reporter in Barcelona
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The official military plane assigned to Spain’s Prince Felipe, heir apparent to the throne, has suffered the second breakdown in less than two months. The aicraft was bound for Honduras, where the Prince of Asturias was expected to attend the inauguration of Juan Orlando Hernández as new president of the country.

However, a technical failure has diverted the plane back to Dominican Republic, where it had performed a refueling stop.

According to official information released by the Royal Household of Spain, the plane had stopped over in Dominican Republic and minutes after resuming the flight the captain detected a technical failure and had to head back to the Caribbean country.

On November 25 the Prince of Spain had to cancel a scheduled official visit to Brazil after the same Airbus broke down and was unable to take off from the military airport of Torrejón de Ardoz.
On November 25 the aicraft had suffered a malfunction
Prince Felipe and his entourage set off from Madrid last night bound for Honduras, where he was to attend the inauguration of president Juan Orlando Hernández.

An official spokesperson confirmed the flight was uneventful until the plane stopped over in Santo Domingo. Minutes after resuming its course, the Airbus A-310 bound for Tegucigalpa was forced to land back in the Dominican Republic city when the captain saw a red light flashing on the controller.

An investigation is now underway to determine what exactly caused the failure. It is not yet clear whether Prince Felipe will continue his official trip.
A thorough examination is underway to determine what caused the malfunction
The outgoing president Porfirio Lobo had announced the Spanish heir to the throne was to be received at the air base of Palmerola in the early hours of Saturday. However, the program has now been modified due to the delay incurred by Prince Felipe’s party.

During the official visit to Honduras, the Prince was expected to meet the incoming president, as well as attending a get-together with the Spanish community in Tegucigalpa.

The official program also featured engagements with prominent leaders of the Honduran society.