Naturhouse headhunts Michelin-starred chef for new hotel in Málaga

Andoni Luis Aduriz is a prestigious chef
Andoni Luis Aduriz is a prestigious chef
The Michelin starred chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is to join the team at Gran Lujo Las Dunas de Estepona hotel. The renowned cook was a founder member of the Mugaritz restaurant, reportedly the world’s fourth best eatery
By Staff Reporter in Barcelona
13:39 horas
The cook is to join the team of the Gran Lujo Las Dunas Estepona hotel in Málaga.

The retail firm owned by Kiluva had acquired the accommodation in October. It aims to develop a new hotel chain named Healthhouse to break into the upscale market. 

The distinguished chef is tasked with devising the menu for the first five-stars lodging.

Mr Aduriz has been entrusted with coming up with an avant-garde range of dishes in line with the healthy lifestyle the firm tries to promote.

“There will be menus fitting for each one of the health treatments we offer at Healthouse: Slimming programs, anti stress treatments, antiaging and detox”, said a spokesperson for Naturhouse.

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The prestigious chef is one of the founding members of the Mugaritz, considered to be the world’s fourth best restaurant.

It has deserved two Michelin stars in the past, which still retains.

The cook has also worked with Ferrán Adrià at El Bulli, hailed as the best restaurant in the world.

His broad experience in the world’s top eateries precedes him. Now, the Gran Lujo Las Dunas hotel management has appointed the chef to carve out the hotel’s place among the world’s best eating venues.

“By signing him, we combine our expertise in devising healthy diets with Mr Aduriz’s mastering of the most reputed cooking techniques”, said Félix Revuelta, chairman of Naturhouse.

The Naturhouse hotel –whose kitchen is to be commanded by Mr Aduriz- is expected to open doors next spring.

This upmarket accommodation is to specialize in the upscale segment and to provide a myriad of health treatments for guests wanting to undergo them in an unrivalled environment.