Madrid braces for fight against Airbnb

The government in Madrid is to clamp down on vacation rentals
The government in Madrid is to clamp down on vacation rentals
The regional government in Madrid has produced a draft bill to crack down on vacation rental sites. If passed by the parliament, it would make it illegal for private individuals to rent out properties, except for licensed accomodations.
By Staff Reporter in Madrid
21:29 horas
In fact, most landlords will be sidelined by the new law, the website announced.

In real life, experts warn the regional cabinet is to ban renting apartments on a short-term basis through Airbnb or similar websites.
Regions in Spain have full powers to legislate in private rentals
Last June, the Spanish government excluded private rentals from the State landlord/tenant law, and devolved the full power to Spanish regions.

Airbnb set up its Spanish division in February 2012. Website users have skyrocketed since then. Recently, Airbnb announced it had 15,000 available budget beds in Spain and Portugal.

The social networking service has expanded to 192 countries. It features 500,000 rooms across all continents, all of them supplied with electricity.
Unlawful rentals are cheating the taxpayer out of 3,000 million a year
Vacation rentals managed through the Internet have been embroiled in legal wrangles elsewhere. In October the NY City Attorney General subpoenaed Airbnb, seeking data of over 15,000 local hosts in the East Coast city.

The order is part of a wider probe against hostile landlording practices in this territory

Sources from Spanish housing industry estimate unlawful rentals are costing the sector 3,000 million euros a year.