Admissions to Barça Museum cost double as much as Paris's Louvre fees

By Ignasi Jorro
20:23 horas

A single admission to FC Barcelona Museum costs now double as much as a single ticket to Paris's Louvre. After fees were put up this summer, tickets to the gallery of the Catalan giants are now dearer than those at the worldwide-known Museum of Modern Art or MoMa in New York.

The trophies hall boast of greeting 1.3 million visitors a year, above well-positioned exhibitions like Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid -801,890 tickets sold a year- or Bilbao's Guggenheim, visited by 956,417 people every year. However, the Barça gallery fares below other Spanish treasuries such as Madrid's El Prado (2.7 million visitors) or Reina Sofia, recording 2.13 million admissions sold yearly.


In any case, admissions to the Camp Nou Experience cost now 23 euros plus audio guide, having been put up by 22pc, as reported Diario Gol this week. At the same time, an adult ticket for the Louvre museum in Paris will cost visitors 12 euros (16 if they wish to visit temporary exhibitions). Admissions fees at the MoMa are set at 25 dollars (18 euros).

Besides, the trophie-packed gallery is costlier than similar facilities across Europe. The San Siro Museo e Tour, exhibition and tour around AC Milan glitzy premises, is priced at 13 euros. In turn, Manchester United asks visitors to fork out 18 pounds (21.5 euros) to visit the Red Devils' permanent exhibition and stadium.


Notwithstanding that, the latter collections include heavy discounts far beyond those offered by FC Barcelona. Under-18s are granted free entrance in the Louvre museum, as the managerial team at MoMa has decided to turn it free of charge for visitors under 16 years of age. Meanwhile, at the Nou Camp over-13s are considered adults and pay as such.

Regarding sporting venues, AC Milan sells 10-euro admissions to under-14s, as visitors up to 14 years old are asked to fork out 12 pounds (14 euros) in Manchester. However, in the Spanish maestros museum, under-13s will have to pay 17 euros, proof of identity required.

Finally, the three sporting facilities grant free passed to children under 5 years of age to visit their trophy halls.