Iberia in-flight menus gain more Michelin stars

The Airport of Barajas, headquarters of Iberia | EFE
The Airport of Barajas, headquarters of Iberia | EFE
By Staff reporter
13:04 horas
King prawns sautées with coriander and curried rice. This is one of the courses that Iberia customers are to be able to taste if they fly in Business Plus class. The meals are being designed by the chef Toño Pérez, awarded with two Michelin stars and a cook that, alongside other three professionals, are to devise Iberia in-flight menus until June 2013.

Pérez is to demonstrate on Iberia kitchens the experience he has gained through his work at his restaurant in Cáceres (Extremadura, southwest of Spain), in the Catalan El Bulli or in San Sebastián's Arzak. He is to spearhead a four-strong team, professionals who, as Pérez does, have gained two Michelin accolades or Guia Repsol's Suns.

Expert committe

In particular, the chef from Extremadura is to share expertise with Paco Roncero, from La Terraza del Casino; Ramón Freixa, who owns a restaurant in Madrid that bears his own name, and Dani Garcia, Calima's chef. The 4-men team is to be participant in an expert committe that since 2011 has been devising exquisite menus for this particular flying class in Iberia.

The main idea is to evoke Spanish traditional cuisine, and in particular that of Extremadura, by doing it in-flight. Public recognition guarantees their success, as this restaurant has been awarded the Best Wine Menu in the World prize by the magazine Wine Spectator.